Bostitch Staplers - Handy Andy Phetamine staples his way to riches.

In the last issue of Andy Phetamine and his Adventures in Stapling, he found out about the existence of staplers, thanks to his son. Hooray! The new one's out! In this issue, he discovers the existence of staplers, thanks to his son. That's Andy Phetamine for you. Lots of energy. No long-term memory.

In this issue, we also find out that Andy's son Tommy has a hobby, and it's decorating. More specifically, decorating by stapling things. Tommy likes to walk on the wild side, minus the colored girls.

Andy doesn't seem to think much of his son's abilities. In the first panel, he assumes that it took Tommy all day long to tack some paper trim to a couple of shelves. But maybe it's not a case of Andy underestimating his son's skill, but rather Andy's assessment that it would take anybody that long to do the job. Apparently the trim job looks to him like a solid eight hours' work. Andy's clearly not that good with his hands. Probably an attention span problem, too.

Later, we find that Andy had the bright idea of using staplers at work. This impressed his boss so much that he gave Andy a big bonus. This is clearly a huge spike in Andy's job performance; having an idea that a tool could be used for it's intended purpose. It makes you wonder how they were fastening papers together at "the firm" before Andy's huge stapler revelation. Forge welding? Anyway, I hope he got to sit down for a few minutes after a sprint like that. Look at him shamelessly trumpeting his genius of stapling. "That adds up to a lot of time saved for the firm". Jeez, Andy, better hit the bathroom for some self-congratulatory "me time".

At the end, there's the huge payoff where Andy brings home his pink slip bonus check. It's unclear whether he's handing it over to his son or just showing it to him. But, this picture is gold. You need to have it on your hard drive for use on a myriad of occasions almost every day. Right-click save that mofo and start showing everyone that you understand the value of a pink dollar with little dollar signs flying out of it. You're welcome!

I think we both know what old Andy will spend the money on.


Michael Leddy said...

Boy is my wife gonna surprised when she sees our kitchen cabinets tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Boy will my son be surprised next Christmas morning!

And as for how they were fastening paper at the firm prior, brads.

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