More ancient cards - Smashed bows and tarnished glitter.

Hey! Are you emo, or maybe a goth? Then you'll probably go delightfully gloomy over these super old greeting cards. A few of them have glitter that's all tarnished to brown or cute little ribbon bows completely squashed to flatness. How wonderfully miserable!

As for the "normals" out there, maybe you can appreciate the interesting "dotty" printing technology, or the really nice paintings, done in a style that we just don't see any more. These are all from 1908 - 1909, which is roughly Downton Abbey era. So, if you were getting a card for Mister Bates' birthday or whoever, it probably would have looked like this... plus, it may have had a little Spanish Flu on it. That may explain why several of the Images and Scanning Them team are bleeding from their eyes this morning.

These birds would find work in their autumn years twittering on the finger of Snow White.

This card is decorated with what looks like multicolored caviar.

The available glitter technology in 1909 was still a work in progress.

Nice painting, despite the incorrect perspective on the lodge... unless the
staff sleeping quarters was sliding down the hill.

It is my belief that the "helper stick" was included to add to the adorability
of the infant tree.


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