Wisconsin Cheese Makers Guild - Christmas Cheer 'round the Year.

Today, we have a gift for you. With so much of the country suffering from a scorching heat rash in all the worst places, please enjoy some freaky Christmas cheer, from the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Guild. No, I am not making this up.

Vicki Lawrence and the largest member of The Lollipop Guild (who apparently is doing double time in the WCMG) would like you to have that lederhosen feeling all year round. Although we can't see any in this picture, I promise you, these two have some lederhosen in the house somewhere... probably in the lederdungeon, where they get freaky together. Vicki must really know how to curl a guy's moustache.

You know how once a year you tell everyone you love them with a cylinder of cheese as big as your head? You need to be able to get that just-gave-a-head-sized-cheese feeling all year round with this wonderful cover from the 1971-72 WCMG catalog. Only, the text has to go, so you can write in your own personal message. We got the P.A.G. Graphic Blandishment and Photoshoppery Squad right on that, so now you can make your own cheesy greeting any time you need to. As a serving suggestion, we made it into a condolence card, with space for you to let your friend or loved one know that YOU know how much their life blows at the moment. But don't stop there. Use the blank one to let everyone know how much you care about something or whatever. You're welcome!

Click for big.

Click for big.


Anonymous said...

OK - I'll say it.
Those must be his "Cheese Balls" & the big round red chest piece? Well, that's just a little 1972 subliminal käse erotica!



PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

The wig says "Let's go to Branson!" but the cheese says "Let's get a table near the restroom."

Thanks for reading, MFHB.


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