World's Fair Week, The Big Finish - Expo '67.

The real gem of the Garage Sale and Antique Store Assault Squad's recent expedition to Geneva, Illinois was this fold-em-up post card that kind of had a bunch of pictures in it from Expo '67 in Montreal. Nothing gets me cranked like photographs of models of how they hoped the fair would look. Excited? Me neither. Here they are! Woo.
Nice model, but I hope the full-scale trees won't look like they're infested with spiders.

The Air Canada Pavilion, where patrons were repeatedly reminded they could not "take off, eh?"

In the shadow of the Jaques Center bridge, see the most scrum-dilly-icious dolphins frolic in
a pool of soft serve at le Dairy Queen Dôme!

The Automotive Stadium, where cars engaged in bloodsport pour votre amusement.

The British Pavilion, which looked ironically Germanic in design.

The star feature of the Canadian Pavilion was a model of the Canadian Pavilion.

The French Pavilion, later to become the German Pavilion.

La Ronde, the midway of Expo '67 is now LaRonde Six Flags. Pretty cool!

Quebec Pavilion, whose main feature was that visitors were not allowed to speak English.

The Theme Pavilion, which probably featured something.

The U.S.A. Pavilion, and yet another in a long series of domes.


Rick Naegele said...

Thanks for sharing the cool pics. Still wish they had world's fairs these days. Seems like they'd be fun.

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