1967 Ford Mk III (GT40) - Car and Driver review... from the past!

The Ford GT40 is one of the most beautiful things ever made. It was basically re-made in identical form from 2004-2006, to the fascination of the gearhead world. here's a Car and Driver road test of the consumer version in 1967. apparently it was a janky, half-finished, wildly expensive absolute thrill to drive. I expect more for my $18,500.

It's worth noting that Jeremy Clarkson was so in love with the 2004 re-do that he bought one. Link to that video:

...but Ford had enormous trouble getting  him a car that would work right. Link to that video:

I guess it really is just like the original. Click each for the big version.


JIm Dillon said...

I didn't know they put the 289 in these. Nice.

Steve Miller said...

I thought the acceleration curve looked pretty astounding until I blew up the page. There are 1962 Studebakers running at the Pure Stock drags in Stanton, MI, that match the speed and beat the ET in the quarter mile. Yes, those engines also also lil' bitty 289s. (Yes, they may be using puffers -- after all, that was a factory option.)

Steve Miller said...

That is not intended to disparage the looks of the GT-40. I drooled over the car then. I'm still drooling.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Afew years ago, Top Gear did an interesting drag race between a couple of supercars from The Seventies and a current Honda Accord V6. The Honda either beat them or tied, I think. Either way, it was a weird thing to see a modern family sedan keeping up with something that was a world-class performance machine thirty years ago. Thanks for commenting, Steve!


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