Schenley - Yeah, baby, yeah!

As anybody will tell you (especially in 1966), if you drink the right booze, women will swarm over you, helpless against the urge to nuzzle your freshly Ziebarted haircut. This supremely confident gent surely understands. he's already got a couple of women stuck in his hair, and he loves it... and Schenley!

Man. Look at this guy's eyebrows? How many takes did they go through before the director got the model to push the eyebrow thing hard enough? That's a leer worthy of a "clipping art" (see below). Can they be serious, or is this kind of a tongue-in-cheek bit of fun in the Swinging Sixties? I dunno. It was The Sixties. Advertisers were having the time of their lives. Maybe they did expect readers to look at this ad and believe that the secret to loads of sex with multiple partners was drinking the right drink. Maybe- ah! A clue!

This is a woman trying very hard not to laugh. She's trying to pull the corners of her mouth downwards, but she can't suppress the smile line at the corner of her mouth. Plus, you can just tell by looking at her. I'm sure she kept it together just long enough to finish the shoot, and then they all had a good laugh and dissolved into a pile of humping nakedness. Yeah baby!

Now, about that Graphic Gift. Here's your daily dose of vitamin smarm. He's all ready to right-click onto your hard drive of self-actualization... because you're good enough, you're smart enough, and your hair is weather-resistant up to a 75 mph gale. You're welcome!

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Shimmer said...

Are you sure the women aren't she-devils getting ready to consume him and his eternal soul? They all look positively menacing, to me.

Jim D. said...

Clearly my eyebrow skills are subpar. I'd better get to the gym, fast!

Anonymous said...

Ahh....,The perfect clip to match that look -
(from a greatly underrated movie)



Steve Miller said...

"Get outta here, bea-otches! I got some serious drinkin' to do!"

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