Halloween Special - A Version of Faust.

Today we bring you a complete story from the 1956 edition of My Book House, Volume 12, a book with a binding so feircly made, The Images and Scanning Them team could not get the pages to lie flat on the Okidata AdequateScan 620, even after being around for nearly fifty years.

This version was printed under the wimpified title "The Story of Faust" rather than The Damnation of Faust, because, you know, kids book. Also, in the end of this version, Faust finds redemption instead of eternal damnation, because kids book. We'll leave it to you to question the morality lesson that desire for knowledge and understanding  is an offense punishable by damnation. Don't get me started.

Anyway, there's some homunculi, dragons, flying pig teats, and Mr. Mephistopheles in tights, so it's not completely devoid of some decent creep factor. The real star of the show are the fantastically weird illustrations by Donn Crane and the even weirder choice of orange and blue spot color.
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Steve Miller said...

Awesome set of books! (Damn, that's twice this week I've used the word "awesome." But I meant very syllable.) I love this illustration style.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Yeah, the illustrations in these books are fantastic. They could easily be from the Victorian era, but were done in the Fifties. I like their epochal weirdness in that way. Plus, the baffling spot color only adds fuel to the freaky fire.

Thanks for reading, Steve!


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