Sportsmanlinke Driving, Pt 7 - Beginning to steer.

Congratulations! You're ready to start thinking about imagining being behind the wheel of an auto-car. But first, some more theory on "steering".

LEARNING TO STEER: Imagine a set of points equidistant from a central point. This is what drivers call a "steering-wheel". When you eventually are allowed to sit in the driver's seat of an auto-car, one of the first things you will notice is that this steering-set-of-points-equidistant-from-a-central-point can be made to rotate in an imaginary two-dimensional plane positioned perpendicular to the steering column around a central spindle, or "turn". "Turning the wheel" will execute a course vector modulation in direct proportion to the direction and amount that the TOP of the steering-wheel moves in relation to the car's chassis. So, if the steering-wheel is rotated such that its upper rim moves to the right, or "starboard" side of the vehicle, that will be the direction that the auto-car will turn.

Please disregard the LOWER rim of the steering wheel, and its apparent direction. Failing to do so may result in unfavorable direction change, or "UDC", and it is also near to your "dirty parts", which are wicked.

Steering Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: "I have rotated the steering-wheel so that the upper rim moves in a rightward direction, but the auto-car has barely altered course at all. Is my auto-car enchanted by Satan?"

A: Possibly. But first, ensure that you have rotated the steering-wheel adequately to alter the vehicle's direction in the required amount. In general, it is helpful to remember this rhyme: "If at first the car won't change direction, turn some more, before assuming demonic infection."

Q: "How many directions can my auto-car turn in? My steering-wheel only rotates clockwise and counter-clockwise."

A: Theoretically, an auto-car can move in any direction, and these many directions can be achieved through strategic application of the steering-wheel's clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation feature. However, one cannot be expected to know the exact combination of steering-wheel direction changes to achieve a complete journey right from the start. Steering is a task that is, to some extent, determined procedurally, in conjunction with the technique of "looking". See Sportsmanlike Driving, Part 1B - Your Vision for more on that subject.


A: That's not a question, but  try to steer a different direction very soon.


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