Arrow Shirts, 1971 - Timeless classics that will never ever ever go out of style, EVER!

Okay, fashionistas, it's time to get some Christmas gift-giving mojo rising, 1971 style! What? You don't know what those words mean? It doesn't matter! It's time to get groovy, with these infinitely fashionable shirts from Arrow that will always be trendy, forever, until the seas boil and the boon shall be as blood!

Wow! What year is it? I simply cannot tell! It looks like an annual hunt club photo from the early twentieth century, but this is 1971. What goes on??? Timeless style that will always be groovy, that's what! And that's because, here in 1971, we've realized we are the ultimate arbiters of cool in a way that nobody can ever deny! Check out the details!

What goes with stripes? STRIPES, silly! What goes with patterns? STRRRRRIPES, idiot! And what kind of pants should all kinds of men wear. TIGHT ONES, sailor! Just like they did in 1905! Indistinguishable!

You know what? Thtere's almost no way you could ever make this look go out of style, no matter how hard you push it? That's just good fashion, honey! Don't believe us? Well, get ready to admit defeat, because here comes Arrow Shirt Man, 2024 style!

SEE? He looks just like he's been fox hunting in the English countryside! This stuff will never get old! It's good to know that we finished fashion, and we did it right here in 1971! Couture complete!!! You're welcome!

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K2nSF said...

I never thought the Googlewig would catch on, especially because it needed that big ugly powertie adapter, but I never thought Apple would go out of business either. I'm just not a fan of all this new technology. I miss the 2000's.

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