Cadillac 1931 - So deco samba.

Here's an eye-wateringly beautiful Cadillac ad from a 1931. Back then, the back of National Geographic was filled with stuff for rich people and world travelers. Yachts, exotic travel locations, stuff like that. This superdeco Cadillac ad refreshes your brain with its minimalism and brushes your eyes with its reserved presentation and light, airy layout. This is a recipe for all-day freshness you can count on. We present this ad in original smudges-and-paper-grain version and in pristine cleaned-up version (scroll down), cause you got an honest face. You're welcome!

In trying to come up with a clever headline for today's post, I made an unclever reference to "So Danco Samba", a bossa nova written by Tom Jobim and covered by lots of people. I have in several incarnations in my collection. The song has nothing to do with this ad, other than the pun in the headline, and being really great. Play any version. You can't go far wrong.

Click for big.

Click for big.


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