Munsingwear - Boring old underwear ad.

Man. 1960 sure was square. They couldn't even find a way to make underwear ads sexy. Not like today, with our various secrets models and subtle dirtyness, here in The Future. 1960 needs to loosen up.

Munsingwear seems to be really proud of their T-shirts. Apparently the collar would never stretch out of shape, no matter how hard you pulled it, or how often. They even invited you to include your wife (or mistress) in the yank party.

That guy is so smug. he seems confident that his collar will never get floppy or shrivel up. But it's not like he worked on the development team for Munsingwear, right? What's he got to be so proud of? Is the tidyness of his collar somehow a reflection on his masculinity? It's advertising, so of course everything is a veiled reflection on your sexuality. Even an ordinary pull test.



Jim D. said...

Yes, even if you grow a second head slightly behind and to the left of your original equipment, the collar of your Munsingwear t-shirt will keep its shape!

Steve Miller said...

Twist - tug - stretch - pull? Never mind the shirt. Time to find a new partner with a gentler touch!

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