Fram Oil Filters - Filter are GO!

You know how women get really excited about engine maintenance? Me neither. If you know a lady who looks like this one and gets this jazzed about taking care of a car, marry the hell out of her. Just to be safe, marry her a couple of times, in case one of them doesn't take.

Apparently this man, who married his daughter, liked to make a date out of engine maintenance. And apparently, it works on her. Look at how thrilled she is. She's a keeper, and Mister Mooney knows this, because she's wearing a wedding ring, as you can see. I don't quite get the joke in this ad. She's cranked about the new filter and he's horrified that his engine was so full of filth? Maybe she's excited because the new filter if shiny and red and it feels like shopping? Maybe she's just happy because her husband-father is miserable? Love and marriage.

Anyhoo, this irrationally cheerful woman would be a fine addition to your clip art arsenal. We are proud to present her to you as an archival-quality PNG Graphic Gift on a transparent background that you and your family are sure to treasure for generations to come. She can brighten up just about anything, I'd imagine. An educational pamphlet, for example. You're welcome!

She can certainly make GETTING herpes seem fun. Meow. Naughty kitty!

Click for big.

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Jim D. said...

Or maybe she's telling the disembodied left hand (that's where she seems to be looking) "Shouldaputaringonit!" ps) thanks for the Arrow Shirts ad from last week; Mr. Bighair-Widetie is now my Facebook avatar.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

It warms the heart of this old magazine mining tycoon to hear about our product being put to good use. This is no way to keep people from checking out your FaceTube page, my man! Thanks, Jim!


Anonymous said...

I think you're slightly missing something here that has to do with the times that the ad was created in.

My take on this is that the young lady is the flag waiver at a drag racing course (note the black leather jacket and the scarf as clues.) Add to that the weekend warrior's racing beret with his convertible's top down and the subtext of the ad becomes: "Don't let your car let you down at the crucial moment. Fram Oil Filters help you get laid! Performance Where It Counts -- From Fram!!"

BTW, he's wearing a ring as well. So it could also be interpreted as: "Don't suffer embarrassment in front of your spouse." There's definitely a hidden sexual component here dealing with shame, embarrassment, and not coming up with the goods at a critical time... ahem.

Just my two cents. Maybe even three.

Steve Miller said...

Somebody has to say it... she just like the old in-and-out.

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