Primordial Christmas cards 2013 - Get 'em while they're old!

Today, the Phil Are GO! garage Sale And Antique Store Assault Force is proud to bring to your attention some super old Christmas cards from the early 1900s. That's like someone digging up the holiday card you sent out yesterday with the velvet flocked poinsettia on it in the year 2119 and somehow paying $300 for it, so that some weirdo can have the pleasure of showing it to an audience spread throughout the galaxy that values it for it's old world charm. Time is freaky, people. Don't let anyone tell you different... even if it's me, and it's a scary cyborg version of myself that's more machine than man. Actually, if you find yourself having a conversation with my cyber-robo-self, then no matter what it's saying to you, the very situation would pretty much be proving my statement.

Anyway, each of these is posted at 2000 pixels in the longest dimension. Click through each for a right-clickable large version. Do with them as you wish. I recommend using them to make your own Christmas cards, with some light Photoshoppery to fix the nearly illegible text and stuff like that. Or, save your self all expense and send it out as an E-card by the end of the day. Science!!!!

The back of this card is completely obscured with glue and brown paper from
whatever scrap book it was torn from. So, the date and any other information
is completely ruined. But, if it's like the others, it's from nineteen-oh-something.

This card is postmarked 1909 and was sent to Miss Evelyn Mueller of Afton, Wisconsin. "Suppose (obscured) is just
loaded down for you. Your cousin, Stella."

In 1911, Mr and Mrs. L. Severus (Snape?) wished Mr. Jacob Blume in Chicago a merry Christmas. "Anne, tell Mrs. Adler
I can't go Tues. to theatre, but you'se all come and see our tree. A Happy birthday & A merry Christmas."


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I am such a sucker for vintage, Victorian style cards.

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