Great Day Hair Color - Screw your secretary.

If your hair changes color from grey to black over a period of two weeks, nobody will notice except that they will all want to bang you. Who says? Clairol in 1971! Yep. This poor guy starts out looking as sad and floppy as Principal Skinner, but in a few undetectable weeks, he becomes as vibrant and desirable as Springfield's lesser-known co-anchor Scott Christian. And them his secretary will want to do him.

Things are getting hot in Mndotf Filing Inc., and Clairol's Great Day hair color is the reason. At first, the boss looked like he could be his secretary's father, but after a couple of sneaky weeks adding Great Day to his hair, why, he could pass for her brother, and that means it's open season on Boss Brotherdad! Someone's gonna get it on!

Boooo! The boss hardly gets a look from his much younger secretary. They're both completely distracted by doing their jobs. This is inappropriate.
After a couple of days, the secretary can't put her finger on it... or can she?
See? Before too long, his hair is looking like a big black dome full of masculinity and grooviness. She doesn't know why, but her desk is going to need straightening up, after they finish collating on it.
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