Little Ads - Opportunities for the Idle. Idles for the opportune.

Jobs news now, from the small ads in the back of Popular Science, 1940 style. Get yourself a career, or just learn to think. Choose wisely!

Students not guaranteed against career interference by MI6 agents. Results not intended for world domination.
Learn to think with alphabet. Advance self. Mind-train. Word-spell.

*Not a guarantee of Happy Land transport. Deagan Marimba training does not confer to the purchaser citizenship of Happy Land or of any Happy Land controlled territories. Route to Happy Land may not be navigable by mortal means, or exist. Offer void in event of international border conflicts with Happy Land, or international warfare between Happy Land and Joy Region, Ambivalence Town, Concerned Interest Metropolis, Reserved Enthusiasm District, and Village of Polite Disinterest. Fun not guaranteed at parties.


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