Sportsmanlike Driving, Pt 11 - Pedestrian, how do we kill thee? Let you count the way.

All right, New Drivers, it's high time you learn how you'll probably die on the road. Walking! Why? Find out!

Look at this crazy fellow. What could possess a man to march around behind a giant question mark like that?

What? He's in LOVE? Yes, it's LOVE, "The Noisy Killer." Protect yourself, citizens. Never fall in love. And if you accidentally do fall in love, get out of it, hopefully by luncheon time, when you'll be walking down to the Hammed-Burger stand at the corner, your head in a murderous cloud of Love, while you cross the road, a lamb to the slaughter. To be extra-sure, try to stay "in hate" at all times, so that even if you fall in love once, your state will then just be "normal", and still be able to fulfill your role as an Alert Pedestrian.


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