The Call of Shame.

Joke #1 - "Okay, kid, let's hurry it up. There's lots of us here need to call our dad to come pick us up at the police station."

Joke #2 - "Dad? Can you come pick up me and Tina, and officer Kelly and officer O'Mally at the police station? ....And... And I think I got them all a little pregnant, too."

Joke #3 - "If you are a;ready a Comcast subscriber, press one! If you have been arrested for publis indecency and are in need of retrieval at the local police station, press two!"

Joke #4 - "Dad, I may be home late tonight. About two to five years late."

Joke #5 - "Mom? Can Tina and I and a couple of cops have a sleepover tonight? No, they're not the Irish kind."

Joke #6 - "Dad! I'm in trouble! I'm at the police station. I think I got arrested for 'sure 'an it's farr too late fer some'un as yong as you two teh be out suh leet on a shcool noight'! What is that??"

Joke #7 - Once again, a wholesome school dance ends with a good kid getting picked up for crimes against humanity. Don't become a statistic. Think once. Think twice. Think "Don't commit war crimes at your school dance."

Joke #8 - Belfast, 1948. Another good kid has his future thrown into question when he is arrested on five counts of total lack of public violence, failing to insight mayhem, public sobriety, non-conspiracy to commit acts of unviolence, and not blowing up a police vehicle in any way.

Joke #9 - "Dad? Can you come pick myself, and officers Kelly and O'Mally? We, uuh... We got arrested by this one girl..."

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