Car Week, Day 2, - Sunoco Lola-Chevrolet T-70 Mk II

This week we're celebrating the Annual Chicago Automotive Disappointment Parade, so here's a June 1967 ad for Sunoco. If you like reading, that's fine. or, you can just ogle the too-small picture of the mouth-watering car. I loves me some velocity stacks. It got my attention because I'd never heard of it. Also, it gets me motivated for this year's season of vintage races we'll be attending, like last year. I can't wait.

Click for big.


Anonymous said...

I saw Mark win the 1968 Road America 500 (in Wisconsin) in this Lola. Unfortunately, he died in 1975 due to a concussion (not a typical fiery crash we expect). He was an engineer and super-talented driver. You can read more in his excellent book "The Unfair Advantage".

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