Car Week, Day 3 - Kari-Keen. A real contribution to human service.

Good-morning, motorists! Have you a motor-car? Do you toil and fuss over the manner in which you transport your stowage, in addition to persons, in your motor-car? Behold the solution to all your problems! Kari-Keen is a real contribution to human service. Please find it at your motor-car dealer's in a splendid array of colors. Also full particulars.

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MrsBug said...

I have to say, I'd love to have one of those things now. Too cool!

I tried to find one on ebay, but this is the closest I could come.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Yeah? I'm trying to figure out how you'd attach it to any modern car, but maybe you're thinking about it sitting at the foot of a bed as a steamer trunk? You're on to something there. Your Ebay find is only $300 for a 20's era luggage trunk. Imagine what they'd ask for a similarly-old steamer trunk! Good find, Mrs. B!

Also, these were marketed in the days when cars didn't really have trunks to speak of. If you look at the picture in the ad, it looks like the Kari-Keen was mounted right behind the passenger area... right where every car has it's trunk located today. I guess the idea was just so right that it just became part of car deign forever? This makes me try to think of an aftermarket doohickey today that will come as standard on Cars Of The Future. Like, uuh......jeez. Dunno. Windshield sunscreens? Everybody has one, but they haven't been incorporated into the car itself. That may be a stupid idea. There's gotta be something else.

Anyway, thanks for commenting, Mrs. B! -Mgmt.

MrsBug said...

I wonder if it's comparable to some of the electronics features we find now. You know the line-in on the radio, the USB stuff?

Re: the trunk - it'd be super cool to use inside the house as some funky, hipster, boho, shabby chic [insert trendy decorating term here] coffee table or something. Unfortunately, I gots neither $$ nor space. Small house and bank account. LOL

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