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Spewing from the pages of Popular Science Monthly comes... Fancy Book Learnin! Learn to remember, detect crime, learn to play Jazz, and forget how to play Jazz. Let's get learned!

Thank you, Probable Library Rummage Sale organizer From Nineteen-Forty-Something (probably) With a Fifty-Pound Pencil, for making sure we never forget how much you value the knowledge of the past.

In 1925, Chicago was the center of a wild new wave of "scientifical" forensic analysis, supplanting the more traditional "scary claw hand" method of determining guilt.
In later decades, with the proliferation of FaceTweet and related services, the "social" section of the mental file system would come to dominate the majority of the human cranial cavity's file system.

If you learn Jazz, you'll become the most popular person in your "set". However, to truly master any craft, you must then choose to forget everything you've learned, just to show that it has no power over you.
To that end, please attempt to enjoy this improvised jazz-loss lament, "I forgot how to Play Jazz", by my former non-band, Blue Wank. All noises and words were improvised directly to tape, for your sanitation. You're welcome, and I am so sorry.

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