Swift Ham - Eating Out(back) gives life a lift!

Yep! Everyone likes to go out for dinner. However, I can't remember when I went to a restaurant and ordered a slice of ham with peas and... uuh.... two kidneys.

Yes sir, that little girl (?) in the Tom Sawyer hat looks really excited to have some dinner. She'll need "her" strength, too, when society crumbles and (s)he becomes a feral boy, wandering the post-nuclear wastes of inner Australia, peddling her/his boomerang skills for whoever will take her/him in. What? You don't follow? Here, let me get that for you...

See? Spitting image! You're welcome!

Click for big.


Anonymous said...

That little girl's picture has been spooking the interwebs forever. Finally, she gets her due. Thank you for this hilarious photoshop.

MrsBug said...

LOL, that is a riot.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Heh, yeah. that girl either looks like she's A) Feral Kid's Sister or B) Feral Kid.

thanks for reading, Mrs. B!


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