Absorbine Jr. - Two clips arts (clips art?)!

Two pretty good clip arts now, from 1904's American Druggist magazine. "Clips of art"? "Art clips"? This ad for Absorbine Jr. wants you to know how profitable it is, so won't you advertise it in your drug store? No? Fine. Then just take what you want and go, you monster. Take your dumb clips of arts.

Apparently, lactic acid (the chemical that builds up in your muscles after heavy exercise and causes muscle soreness) was just called "fatigue acid" back in The Forty. It was a simpler time, when chemicals were named according to whether or not they were obviously bad or good. This is much as if a child had designed science. Wind would be called "hair-blow". All forms of metal would be called "klinky". Fire would be called "fun sauce".

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"Ah! There's your problem, Mr. Waitheworth. You have a compound fracture of the one by six. I recommend rubbing this goo on it. In the mean time, try favoring your other lumber for a few days."

You can use this handy picture to let your loved ones know how much you enjoy serving them, for some passive-aggressive hijinks. With a new caption, you can show them all how happy you are to pick up the kids from Foosball practice every day for a year after doing fifteen hours in the coal mine. Or you could leave a little note on the kitchen table showing how much you totally don't mind working two jobs just to support someone's superfluous shoe habit. 

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As for this guy, he's just pointing at something, I guess. "On your way out, don't forget your puddle." or "Are you going to finish that?" He'd make more sense if he had a thing to point at. Won't you help him out?

Right click save both of these guys onto your hard drive and give them both a new reason to exist. You're welcome!

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MrsBug said...

I say, Sir. There is no such thing as a superfluous shoe habit. All shoes are necessary. ;)

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