RCA Eye Witness Television - You're right there.

Citizens! It is time for you to make the switch to the new-type entertainment of tele-vision. In all the world's history has there been anything like television before!

No longer need you spend countless evening staring at the yellow glow of your radio's dial. If you step-up to tele-vision, you can peer into a tiny hole that becomes your window on the world, all in several shades of gray, with intermittent interference from weather patterns, aero-planes, or very large houseflies. Enjoy complete modern entertainment in one beautifully styled console, merely the size of a laundering-machine. Imagine the evenings your family could spend crowded around such a wonder, skull to skull, squinting for a glimpse of a discernible shape. Peer at such shapes as...
  • Man With Surly Doll
  • Tilting Suit-Man Akimbo With Pom-Poms
  • Hateful Legislative Deception Season
  • Shouting Oaf with Ball
  • Marital Horror Delight Narrative Theater
  • Different Ball-Fling
  • Impending Apocalypse Update
  • Circular Automotive Expedition of Haste
  • Wandering Gown Woman
  • Unnatural Herd-Animal Pursuit

See your RCA Victor Television Dealer for a demonstration today, and eventually, the price.

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[lrf] said...

Have to love the honesty of the RCA "Bystander": "Will transform you from an active participant in the world to a mere passive observer."

Anonymous said...

I found it amusing to see a caricature of a ventriloquist with a dummy in his lap featured in the ad. Back in the earlier days of radio one of the largest hits for quite a while was the ventriloquist act "Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy." Think about that for a moment... a ventriloquism act on radio. No doubt, they figured that there would be a natural transition for it to go to television. And sure enough, Paul Winchell and Jerry Mahoney weren't far behind!

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