National Schools - Pick your job.

With the help of The National Schools, you can have any one of nine high-pay jobs. You pick job now!

Panel Pointer.

Knob-To-Eleven-Turner / Cowbell Adder

Human Patch Cord

Cargo Cult Enthusiast

Nationally Televised Camera Tilter

Vacuum Tube Tweaker

Any Given Eighteen-Year-Old Male. Am I right? heh heh.

Click for big.


Steve Miller said...

I'm certainly encouraged to learn there are "no misstatements" in this ad.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Absolutely. If you can't trust the ad you're reading to assure of the truth in the ad you're reading, then I don't know who you can trust.

Thanks, Steve!


CEMaine said...

I just punched the address into Google Maps. It's a Chevron station.
Not quite the same I'm afraid

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