Phone wallpaper graphic giftstorm! Part one of two.

Got a brand new smartyphone? No? Me neither. Want to make it look fresh again and hush that little idiot voice in your head that tells you to upgrade, even though you have a year to go on your contract? Swap in a new wallpaper.

Android calls it a home screen. IOS calls it a wallpaper. Dropping a new picture on the tennis court of your mobile doohickey is a fine way to open a window and let the stink out of your phone. Some people keep a picture of their kids or other significant creature as their homepaper. Trouble is, snapshots like that often make it super hard to see your icons. If only some industrious blogpostmaster general would post a bunch of original can't-get-them-anywhere-else super-mod screenwalls for you to right-click onto your hard drive with your rude finger. Then you could get in on the maybe-this-old-phone's-not-so-bad action. We're holding out for a hero.

Hey! I'M a hero! get ready to be carpet bombed with interesting homepapers for your pocket vibrator of choice. Combined with one of the many "super customizable clock" apps, you can make something that looks positively intentional... if that's what you're into.

Multiple Graphic Gifts incoming in three, two, one, GRAPHICGIFTSINCOMINGNOW!

Serving suggestion, using the photo below. The clock widget is Zooper Widget, and supports the use of standard TTF fonts. There are other clock widgets that can make use of TTFs in this way.

Intentionally blurred Christmas lights form "bokeh" (Japanese for "blur"). The characteristics of the camera lens cause points of light to form bubbles. The shape of the bokeh indicate the number of blades in the lens's aperture mechanism. Lenses are often evaluated and chosen for the quality of their bokeh.

View from a glass elevator in the Art Institute, Chicago.

Downtown Minneapolis.

Serving suggestion, using the image below.

Minneapolis bokeh.

Ibuprofen tablets, now available in a variety of tantalizing colors. I can't wait for my next headache!

The side of a vintage Ludwig drum, with a blue bass boat sparkle finish.

The same image, with hue altered in Photoshop.

[More tomorrow.   -Mgmt.]


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