Phone wallpaper graphic giftstorm! Part two of two.

More smartphone screenpapers today! We finish our two-part visual carpet-bombing campaign against the soft target of your smartyphone's main screen with these ten pictures stolen from The Real World via my camera.  Please enjoy these homewalls in your iDroidberry of choice. We think you'll find that they provide a sybaritic loungespace for all your icons and widgets.

Textured glass in a hospital.

Translucent Legos, dumped into a glass ashtray and held over a lamp.

Same, just closer.

A wall in the Museum of Science and Industry.

Seating and padded wall in the lobby of the Hyatt Regency O'Hare.

B&W toys.

Same toys, shot with a plastic Diana lens.

Roof of a Chicago office building.

Wall in a lobby of a Minneapolis hotel.
The side of a really old ice bin I found in a freezer in the basement of my house.


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