DeVry Tech - Ticking the boxes.

DeVry Tech of 1960 wants you to train up as an electronics engineer, but from looking at their ad, you'd think it was for atomic research. This ad ticks all the boxes on the Atomic Art Style application sheet.

Asterisk star thingies? Check. Inaccurate-but-who-cares drawing of an atom? Check. Chalky shading stuff? Check. Single spot color printing? Check. Big pointy rocket? Oh, you better believe that's a big old check.

Their building was located at 4141 Belmont Ave. Let's go see what's there now, shall we?

Lofts/condos/apartments. There were a lot of buildings converted to residential use back in the days of the real estate bubble. However, I heard a story on the radio saying that they kind of overbuilt, and there's a bit of a glut in the real estate market in Chicago. Maybe this means you can get into the old DeVry building for cheap?

What happened to DeVry? They're still around, see? About 8 minutes worth of car-driving away from the old location.

I'm sure that, if you showed this new building to the DeVry staff of 1960, they'd say it looks really futuristic. Still needs more asterisk stars, though.

Click for big.


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