Peele P50 in Mechanix Illustrated - As eventually endorsed by Jeremy Clarkson.

If you're a faithful viewer of Top Gear*, The best Thing ever Made of Any Kind by Anyone Ever, you're probably familiar with Jeremy Clarkson's hard hitting review of the Peele P50, the Smallest Production Car Ever Made so far. Well, look what was plopped on my desk this morning, cleverly hidden inside a 1963 copy of Mechanix Illustrated (which shouldn't be confused with "spellers illustrated"). A Peele P50 writeup! It had to go up as today's post.

And, just to be thorough, here's Clarkson's road test of the Peele P50 in and around (but mostly in) BBC Center. Please enjoy.

Click for big.


Ypek said...

Clarkson drove a reversed model of the 1963 one. Is it smoke and mirrors?

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