Sony 5-Inch Transistor TV

"Practical portable TV has finally arrived." This was the cutting edge of portable electronics in 1963, citizens. A portable TV with a 5-inch black and white screen, from the wizards at Sony. It cost $242.90, which comes out to nearly $1900 in today's money. Yes, very practical.  Think about that compared with your smartyphone, which can do the portable video thing way better, plus about a bajillion other things for about $200. Yes, we are spoilt.

Oh yeah. This portable TV was only portable if you bought the battery pack for an additional $40, or just over $300, converted for inflation. The battery lasted a claimed four hours and could be recharged forty times.

What was so great that you simply had to watch it everywhere? Looking at TV programs from '63, I could almost understand the excitement. Twilight Zone and Outer Limits were still in production.

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