Road America, The Hawk 2014 - Part 3

Here's batch three of photos from last weekend's vintage race event at Road America. This group of pictures is almost entirely "big cars" that raced in LeMans or the Can-Am cup. The Datsun is the lone exception to the bigness because it's hard to say "no" to a red white and blue 510. Please enjoy.

Recognize this? I didn't either, but it's a not-very-old 1996 Marcos LM600. Marcos is an English company that knows how to make a pretty thing. The LM600 is a bad mamma jamma- shut yo mouth! I'm just talkin' bout Marcos! I meant to come by later, when the car had it's nose on, but I got distracted by all the other eye candy and I forgot. Derrr.

Another beautiful Lola, this time in dreamsicle form.

Few things are cooler than a pushrod suspension with inboard dampers. Am I right, ladies???

Apparently, this car was so fast, its wheels melted into puddles, poor thing.

Underneath the orange periscope is a set of velocity stacks (metal trumpets pointing skyward). The scoop forces air directly into the stacks and into the engine. It's kind of like non-mechanical turbocharging that comes for free with increased velocity. It also looks the business.

In Days Of Yore, race cars had massive slicks in the rear that were almost as wide as they were tall, with tiny wheels in the front. Sadly this intuitively beautiful arrangement has been supplanted by more or less matched wheel sizes all the way around. Crap lousy wind tunnel data may make the car scientifically faster, but what about the heart's desires, you inhuman monsters?

A Datsun 510.

Even while racing, it's important to know when the cookies will be done.

As with every race-spec 510 I've seen, the headlights have been abandoned in favor of  intakes that feed directly into the airbox.


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