Road America, The Hawk 2014 - Part 4

More "big cars" from last weekend's vintage race at Road America. By "big cars" I mean purpose-built race cars with gobs of horsepower and cool swoopy bodies that barely come to the top of your tube socks. Oh yeah, except for one in the middle and the kooky wagon at the end.

What's a Chevron? Never heard of that manufacturer. No idea, but I love this car's all-Euro sponsor decals and very Seventies livery of brown, red, and orange. "Formidable!"

Once again, a car with odd colors wins my heart. Bright red or black cars are all over the place. But sky blue and yellow? Very cool.

Another make I'd never heard of. "Scarab". Really nice looking car, though. I can see a bit of Jag D type in there, which is never a bad thing to have in there.

These trumpets play a mighty tune. What's the benefit of the staggered heights on the stacks? More evenly distributed positive pressure on the incoming air?

Some teams put tennis balls or other toys in the velocity stacks to keep bits of sandwich from falling into the engine, causing Premature Sandwich Buildup, hampering performance. This team  uses more businesslike plastic caps that look like they''re meant for the job. Why so serious?

And now I have seen a Lister in the flesh. That is a very long nose. Apparently, the car is owned by Rick Knoop, and is called the Knoop-Mann Special. It's based on a 1958 Jaguar.

You may think that I put the security camera lens back on my camera (from Monday's blurry pictures). But nope, this is just the result of me enjoying a horse tranquilizer falafel and a glass of antifreeze at the concession stand. Spicy!

Adjusting the engine's speed knob to "all the way speed" for the next practice lap.

Love these colors. French blue and fluorescent green.

This super-cool team had a pair - that means TWO! - BMW M1's in their paddock. The M1 was BMW's first and only mid-engined BMW to be mass produced. It was a homologation special (designed as a race car with a handful of extras built for regular people, thereby dodging a regulation against custom-made race cars), with just 453 copies built and sold to the public. It's pretty much the rarest BMW out there. It looks like a DeLorean, but unlike a DeLorean is actually fast. These two drew a crowd of starers.

This jokey surf wagon did not come to race.


Steve Miller said...

Did anything follow you home from the show?

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Follow me home? Nope. I wish. I did buy a T shirt.

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