Road America, The Hawk 2014 - Part 6. Tracking shots.

Here is the last batch of photos from the vintage races at Road America last weekend. These are all the tracking shots. That's where you try to follow the subject while zoomed in, keeping the subject in perfect focus (yeah, right) and use a slower shutter speed, so that the background is blurred. When they work, they're great. When you're me, that's about ten percent of the time.

Some of these pictures are kilnkers, but the they may be the only picture I took of a particular car, so they went in anyway.

Back to our normal content tomorrow, with jokes or something.

It's tricky following a car moving at one hundred miles per hour is pretty hard. As you can see, I didn't quite have this 911 on target. But it's the only picture of this car I have, and I like the colors so...


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