Road America, The Hawk 2014 - Part 5

More race cars today, in part five of our hard-hitting undercover expose' of the vintage races at Road America last weekend. In this batch, we breached the security perimeter on some kind of huge shed or warehouse, where presumably the paddock bays are more expensive. We were going to blow the lid off the old race car underground and no wide open garage door was going to stop us! See what we discovered!

This is a not-very-vintage Nissan GTR, which is a high-tech wondercar that can make anybody a driving god. Strangely, Hawk (the sponsor of the weekend's event) chose to basically gut the whole thing when they made it into their show pony. It was converted from all wheel drive to rear wheel drive and all the electronics were pulled out and replaced with a custom ECU. Okay fine, guys, but don't come crying to me when it doesn't drive like a GTR any more.
After sunset, Bachman-Turner Overdrive would be playing for the crowds, using the front splitter as a stage.

After exposing the seemy underbelly of the shed paddocks, we headed back to the main gate, grabbing a few more pictures of anything interesting on the way out.

You usually don't find a Mark I GT40 just parked somewhere. This is one of the few street-spec GT40s. That evening, there would be a Concours d'Elegance in Elkhart Lake. Presumably, this car would be on display there. I wonder how many current car designs will age this well.

This is what they call a "rat rod". Rust is always the finish of choice.

We still have a bunch of track photos to post. Stay tuned for my further attempts to do tracking shots of moving cars.


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