The Marched of Science

Way back in The Past, Science was marching on to Now. Such marching! Observe these Sciences of Yestertime!

Here's a handy tip for disposing of your user motor oil. Apparently, in 1963, it was A-OK to basically pour it into the ground, where it would never wind up in the water table or food chain, and would almost never make flipper babies.
Drink sunlight. In 1925, lots of people had psoriasis of the mouth, which can sometimes be helped with liberal application of ultraviolet light. Also, some people were ashamed of their pale esophaguses, and would go to great lengths to get that San-Tropez tan on the inside.

Motor-truck lost tug of war to 24 mules, but was still rolling on dope set of dubs, yo. Tight!


Jim D. said...

Pouring used oil into a hole filled with gravel was a huge improvement over the 1925 disposal method, which apparently consisted of convincing suckers that their throat needed a tan, and then further convincing them that yes, sunshine is actually a slick black liquid with an acrid taste.

On the other hand, if Jiffy Lube attendants still dressed in that white gown & cowl rig, I would be far more likely to give them my custom.

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