New inventions - Forging the crucible of science's tomorrow, of steel.

Mosquito net fits over any hat. Aperture accommodates crucially important smoking of things at all times. Allows dispensing of fatherly advice in horrible, infested swamps.

New mechanical diaper collects, pumps away "baby goop" under high pressure. Still no solution for various problems created by baby's head.


Phil Provins said...

Did you pass out on the 'j' key?

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Hah! No. Those J's were placeholders for line breaks. Blogger doesn't let me enter line breaks the way I want, after pasting in photos. So, I drop in a bunch of line breaks, then add the pictures and then type stuff. Also, it was early and I was groggy. Thanks for the catch, Alert Reader!


MrsBug said...

Is that an iron lung for a baby? Maybe the anti-vaxers need to see this.

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