Gordon's Vodka - My bird demands it.

Oh, The Seventies. Is there any stupid thing you won't do, and still take yourself so seriously? No, there isn't. Here, we see The Seventies trying to sell us vodka because we want to be like those cool guys you see going a-falconing. Because you see that all the time.

Here's nineteen seventy dude. Possibly independently wealthy, definitely rustic, out for an afternoon's relaxing falconing, with a neutron star on his shoulder. And he didn't forget his drink: smooth, patented Gordon's vodka. You need to be relaxed when you're falconing.

Birds can sense nervousness, and Gordon's really takes the edge off. Don't be nervous around your falcon. Also, don't go falconing with any vodka but Gordon's, or he'll have his falcon tear your eyes out, and that's not the vodka talking.


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