Trade School Sonnets - My Love is like a Multi-Bushing Roller Chain Sprocket

My Love is like a Roller Chain Sprocket

My love asked me "Do you love me, my love?"
I looked through the window at the sunlight
playing upon a Roller Chain Sprocket
on the bench
'neath the spreading boughs of June.

"My love", I said, "is like unto a Roller Chain Sprocket."
"For its teeth are chamfered to prevent wear."
"For it is steadfast, yet freely rotating."
"For it is available with from one to three bushings."
"But," I said, "My heart has but one bushing for you."
"And it is fixed with a pin to the drive axle,"
"which can stick if it hasn't been serviced in a while."

My love sipped his tea with flustered hands.



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