Watch Repair - Hunch your back.

Let's forget. for a moment, that a bunch of companies are trying to make your watch into something that you throw away and re-buy every year. Some people like wearing watches despite the fact that they don't really need to any more. They just like them.Time was, when your watch broke, you got it fixed by some kind of local human with ruined posture and very sharp eyes. Enter the part time watch repair guy. This could have been YOU! Isn't that wouldn't have been exciting?

Glamour. Travel. Adventure. If these are the things you longed to abandon, then you should have send for the Chicago School of Watchmaking's free sample lesson in watch repair. Let tomorrow have been the first day of the rest of your squinty, bent-over life.

So what's at 2330 Milwaukee now? Get ready to have your mind not blown! It's a poorly stitched-together lawyers' office! Woooo! Underwhelming!

I scream, you scream. We all scream for a Graphic Gift of a broke guy! I love that song. He's a PNG, and that rhymes with "alpha channel" which is the first letter in "transparent background", so get your rude finger ready to right-click this cranky pauper onto your hard drive in three, two, one, RIGHTCLICK NOW!

He seems way more likely to find frequent employment in fun little notes around the house than the strangely specific people in the Quix Suds ad from Monday's post. For example, You could use him in an email to your son when he asks you to send him some medicinal marijuana money at The University of Bleeding You Dry. You're welcome!

Click for big.


Fil said...

"...the first day of the rest of your squinty, bent-over life." Thats comedy!

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