A procreant and His (or Her, or Shmer) Orb - Construction begin.

Greetings, colonist. Thank you for choosing to Make a New Life in the Offworld Colonies. Today's Instructional Narrative Requirement involves the construction and feeding of your youngling's Companion Orb. It is required by The leader. It is The Way. It shall be done.

Your procreant will require a Companion Orb for optimal biological development, as proscribed in The Flight Manuals, which were discovered, as you know, in the Wreckage of Our Glorious Arrival, in the Blessed Smoking Crater, so long ago. The Flight Manuals may not be contravened. The leader has spoken thus.

The procurement of a Companion Orb is precise and must be done exactly. So, inform your Dome Supervisor that you will be requiring an additional ration of oxygen to keep your mind sharp. Cerebral hypoxia has been the cause of many a misshapen Companion Orb, and many an unsuitable procreant youngling, resultantly.

Begin by venturing into the Forbidden Plains, where you must find a suitable Orb Seed Pod. Wait until the vegetative herds have moved on from their nocturnal encampment, and you will find many Orb Seed Pods in their leavings. Choose one of special roundness and give thanks to the Mighty Engine that brought us here, to behold such wonders.

In your hydroponics bay, cover the Orb Seed Pod in warm peat loam for not less than seven diurnals. Upon the seventh diurnal, your Orb Seed Pod should have sprouted. Praise The Leader! All thanks to The Mighty Engine!

In the fullness of time, your procreant will attach itself to the Orb, and your youngling's cycles will begin. On such a day, be sure to wear your protective radiation garment at all times. A cycling procreant and Companion Orb unity will emit not only alpha particles but also gamma rays rating very high on the Rutherford scale. Rejoice at the unity from a minimum safe distance of seventy meters, or simply hide in a trench for a few days, rejoicing from there.

Note that the orb is gaily bestriped in varying concentricities that are to remind us of the motions of the stars, which we once could read, but whose knowing is now lost to us. The bestripedness of the Companion Orb will determine the gender of your procreant. There are three bestripednesses, for the three possible genders of He, or She, or Shmee. The left-placed image depicts the bestripednesses of types A and B. Praise the Leader.

If your procreant is so chosen by The Mighty Engine to have a star-bestriped Companion Orb, then you are truly lucky. Huzzah! For, the star-bestriped Companion Orb denotes the birthing of the New Leader! Truly huzzah!

The youngling receiving a star-bestriped Companion Orb will not only become the New Leader, but Shmee will receive a triple ration of nutrient tablets, in preparation of battling the old leader to the death. Huzzah! Thank The Mighty Engine.


MrsBug said...

As a science fiction fan, I must say, well done, sir. Well done! :golf clap:

Anonymous said...

As Asian fan of Science fiction, I give crap too!

Hally Pottel-san

Fil said...

Boku mou! Kore daisuki. Sugoi da na~!

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