Lucky Strike - A first time for everything.

The Phil Are GO! Content Acquisition Team dropped this in my desk this morning. It is the least stupid and not insulting cigarette ad I have ever seen. There's no made up  pseudoscience about "your T zone", or bogus appeal to authority using smoking doctors. Of course, the ad isn't doing much, because there's just not much to be done, without lying to people. Picture of person. Picture of product, hoping you'll make the association and believe that if you use one you can get the other.

Of course, the idea of smoke ""tasting better" is a little weird, to the eyes of a non-smoker, but I suppose it can be true. "Better" is a comparative word, and therefore, subjective. It can't be proven or disproven.

But look at her, whoever she is, looking all "I don't need your stupid whatever you got". She doesn't make me want to pick up smoking, (especially when you think what her mouth must smell like) but she maybe makes me want to start my own auto repair business so I can tear out her page and put it on the wall next to the nail holding up the strap wrench.

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MrsBug said...

New game! The "Finish This Sentence" Game.
Lucky Strike's taste better....than chunky milk at the back of the fridge.
Lucky Strike's taste better....than that Scooby snack your dog got out of the cat box.
Lucky Strike's taste better....than balut.
Lucky Strike's taste better....than that Halloween snack-sized Snickers bar you fished out of the back of the couch you got at Goodwill three years ago.

Everyone can play!

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Hah! How did you know I know what balut is? Those are those baby duck fetuses still in the egg that they eat in the Philippines, right?

Luckies taste better than grizzly bear dirty sanchez!

Say, that really is easy!

Luckies taste better than Appian Way pizza! Boom! Take THAT Appian!

Thanks for reading, Mrs. B!

Steve Miller said...

Say! isn't Merfaye Dunareep, the famous actresses?

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