The Restaurant Sketch (Heinz Soups)

Joke #1 - "'Apple-Pay, sir? I am unfamiliar with this currency, sir. Our restaurant usually accepts currency in the form of 'money pay', sir."

Joke #2 - "The soup is marvelous tonight! Did the chef put an extra orphan in it?"

Joke #3 - "I am most dreadfully sorry, sir. It seems that our head chef has compromised your personal finance data and your accounts are now all wiped. Shall I tell our dish washing staff that sir will be assisting them this evening, sir?"

Joke #4 - "Just the soup for me, waiter. However, my wifedaughter will have another glass of air, if you please."

Joke #5 - "Sir, a rather large group of little rascals are asking to join you this evening, sir."

Joke #6 - "Sir, the three chefs send their best to your wife. Their message was rather stooge-like, I'm afraid. I believe it was 'nyang nyang' and 'woo woo woo woo woo', sir."

Joke #7 - "Very well, sir. And now, if you please, I must step aside, as I believe a gentleman... an 'Indianapolis Johnson' or some such... would like to crash through your table and mumble something about being 'too old for this' while a rather large gem skitters across the dance floor for some reason."

Joke #8 comes to us from Jim D, who reserved a table for twice as many people as actually showed up. Thanks a LOT, Jim! "No, I don't believe it . . . Taster's Choice, you say?"

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Jim D. said...

"No, I don't believe it . . . Taster's Choice, you say?"

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