Bulova Radios - She loves jewelry shoppers. Good for her.

More cool-looking stuff from  The Fifties, people! Today, it's Bulova radios, and you can tell that Bulova was trying to make it plain that they specialize in jewelry.

"I love men who shop at jewelry stores...". This says a couple of not-great things about this lady. Her expression implies that she's in charge, but her prostrate position makes her seem supplicant to the faceless guy because he bought her a radio at a jewelry store.

Next, there's the fact that she loves "men" who shop at jewelry stores. If My girlfriend said this to me, my first thought would be "men?  Not a man? I'm glad I ONLY bought you a radio there, instead of something more dangerous."

Lastly, I wouldn't want to be with a woman who loves a man based on his retail decisions. I think I've dated women of this variety before, and it was a serious bummer, Nuff said.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway. Look at those super cool radios. Bulova does their best to make clear their jewelryish pedigree by embossing the speaker grilles with diamond patterns and other faceted shapes, and by spewing a heaping helping of gold finish on everything. Despite that, the atomic design wins through, and these designs get a big old grin.

Can they be found on Popular Auction Site? You bet. Well, sorta. There are lots of similar Bulovas to be found, but only one of these exact models (at the time of writing). Looks like there are at least three or four copies of The Imperial on offer. Undamaged examples go for an eye-opening hundred-plus dollars and the one

One listing freely admits that the case was broken and repaired at some time. Silly rabbit. It'll never sell that way. A smart auctioner would say "Bonus offer! Vintage glue at no extra charge!". Top tip for you, right there.

This model isn't featured in the ad, but it's close enough as makes no difference to me. Also, it's 120 bones. Jeez! Good luck with that, you maniac.

As usual, there's some dick tearing apart irreplaceable ephemera and selling it off a page at a time. Man. Ten bucks for this ad. This monster clearly does not share the catch-and-release policy of the Phil Are GO! Images and Scanning Them Squad. I say just print this jpeg and stick that in a frame if you really must have a hard copy on your wall.

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Mat Black said...

It looks like she just finished blowing him for a radio...imagine what diamond earrings would have earned!

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