The New Toys for Christmas, 1964.

The December, 1964 issue of LIFE Magazine ran a hard-hitting expose' that blew the roof off the keenest new toys for Christmas. Reaction was immediate and strong, reverberating around the world for minutes to come. Let us look back on that article that changed everything for a few people, or didn't.

I wasn't even alive yet in 1964, but I'm the youngest of my family. So, we had some toys of this vintage knocking around the house. As you may know from previous posts, I inherited some first-gen Legos. We had some 1960s-era metal trucks, too. Therefore, I'm allowed to be vaguely nostalgic for ancient toys like these.

Blogger won't allow image uploads larger than 1600px in either dimension. So, this two-page spread is auto-rezzed to a point where you can't read the writing. We posted crops of each image at max resolution so you can see as much as possible. We're nice like that.

Hack-and-slash battles are a now-forbidden delight of childhood. Wearing your underwear on the outside of your pants, on the outside of your house NEVER was. This must be a very organized intramural mock battle of "pants versus skins".

The robot was called "Big Loo", because it would scare the piss out of your children.

Barbie and bridesmaid Midge. Pre-nup sold separately.


Jim D. said...

Nostalgia! I had the firetruck, but my parents could only buy it used, so the pump & hose were long gone. The ladder still extended via crank, though, so it had that going for it.

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