Good Decorating, Section Number B - Some more bathrooms.

Did you wake up this morning with one of those inexplicable headaches that you feel you don't deserve? Good news, sufferers! Your friend, 1970, has the bathroom solution that's just right for whatever headache you need to justify! Get ready for some happening decorating ideas that will have you singing "welcome baaack" to our own Mister Kotter, The Seventies!

Who's that vague blob in the mirror? Is it you? There's no way to tell, because your eyes are constantly sucked into this delightfully distracting, vibrating white-on-black rattan pattern wallpaper. Your eyes have been bad. Give them a spanking with this out of sight bathroom plan!
Take a trip to the country of Europe every time you excrete something into this bile-toned bathroom, featuring a shower decal that will make you feel like you're naked in the River Seine! And the Jackson Pollack wallpaper is so vibrant, you can almost smell the pigeon droppings. Weewee, madame!

This purple and green themed bathroom is inspired by Marcia Brady's groovy skirts. Be sure to keep those curtains closed - you don't want to share this visual treat with the neighbors, or they'll be beating your door down. Oh! My nose! Oh! My nose!
No matter how much "mari-juana" you smoke, you'll always remember which room your boxers go in, because we've wallpapered this combination bathroom/bedroomroom with them! Easy, right? You may want to have a nap before attempting to figure out the dryer!

Why, hello mister sun! Good morning to you, too! Thanks for the happy greeting! Okay, I'm awake now. Thanks again! No, really! I'm up. Yeah. Thanks, Sun! Heh... please stop it, Mister Sun. I'm fine now. MOOOOOMMMM!!!


Michelle_Randy said...

My grandparents had one of those low profile toilets like the one in the Marcia Brady bath. It always fascinated me for some reason. I wonder why they never caught on?

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