The examination table.

Joke #1 - "Okay, Ken, it's your turn to carve the Christmas oaf this year."

Joke #2 - "Now, sir, where is this troublesome 'brain' thing that you keep complaining about?"

Joke #4 - "Now, try to relax. You may feel a slight 'inserting' feeling."

Joke #5 - "All right, now we're ready to... Oh! Wait! Can someone please bring me my massage hammers?"

Joke #6 - "Wait... Is that 'We're all going to the zoo tomorrow'?"

Joke #7 - "If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times. Stop putting things in there!"

Joke #8 - "All right, ma'am. Which of your penises seems ot be the problem?"

Joke #9 - "Gentlemen, I will now remove the dish towel. You may want to move upwind."

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Anonymous said...

Joke #10- None of the medical students were truly "prepared" for Professor McFarlane's "World's Largest Ventriloquist Dummy" gag that day in the cadaver room. Ah, but it always made him laugh...

Mr. FancyThrowYourVoicePants_2

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