Gravy Master - Ssh!

And here we were, not knowing there was even an opening in gravying, and already Gravy Master is apparently the master of gravy. With a name like Gravy Master, you'd better have your gravy house in order. It would be awkward to be named "Gravy Master" and be really good at, say, lawn care.

"You hear a lot about gravies." Boy howdy. Sometimes it seems that's all people want to talk about. One time, I was in a car accident where this guy plowed into my driver's side door in an intersection. The man climbed from his car and ran up to my shattered window. "You're alive! Thank heavens! We have urgent gravy to discuss!" Such is the magnitude of gravy talk in the world.

Please allow this clip art to help you carefully reveal your secrets with the most cartoonish body language possible: the conspiratorial lean-in  and the protective hand, ensuring absolutely no one suspects anything is up. You're welcome.

You can use these ladies to make sure your emails are completely safe. Once people see this easily-pasted-in clip art, they'll carry your secret to the gravy...I mean, to the grave. Such secrets as:

-"Psst! You're going to be fired next month. Pass it on!"

-"Psst! You've got a brain slug sticking out of your ear."

-"Don't drink the milk! It's spoiled!"

-"I should probably wash my hands, after playing with that Possum I found in the retention pond!"

-"My husband's pregnant, and I don't think I'm the mother!"


gregor said...

Is that Lucille Ball on the left?

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