Not really a post. Insulated boots memo.

Memo to myself. Insulation of any kind is just a thermal barrier. It keeps temperatures separated by means of blocking heat transfer, but that works both ways. Insulated boots can be your friend or your enemy.

Since it's now 2 degrees in Chicago, giant insulated boots seemed like a smart thing to wear this morning. However, if you're a person like me, who has low blood pressure (I know. Cry you a river.) and always has cold feet and hands, once you're sitting in a nice warm car in traffic, those thermally insulated boots are keeping your cold feet cold by denying the ambient in-car heat ingress to your shoes. So, you can wind up with a bead of sweat trickling down your chest while your feet are getting numb, thanks to your choice of insulated boots. Irony.

Not only this, but the sheer bulk of the boots means that you may find yourself accidentally pressing more than one pedal at a time, which, as you can imagine, is bad. You may either press the gas while also pressing the clutch or press the gas and brake at the same time so that when you release the brake, the car leaps forward. Unfavorable.

So, I guess you should reach for the Columbias if you're going to clear the driveway, but for sitting in your car, just throw them in the trunk for emergencies and wear your Adidas replica racing shoes for your high-speed commute (yeah right).

Proper post coming soon. Thank you for your patience.


Anonymous said...

Ah, but if you were part of the upper-crust horsey set mentioned in your following post, your car would already be equipped with your buttery soft Minnetonka driving moccasins. Or if you were part of the working class geriatric set, like my dad, you would just throw your Totes galoshes on over your regular boots while shoveling. Lining them with used bread bags makes them easy to remove before driving off.

Anonymous said...

i are chicago too.

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