The drink threat.

 Joke #1 - "All right. If you're really my mother, prove it. Drink this anti-mother-impostor syrum."

Joke #2 - "Drink the Yoo-Hoo or your precious candle gets it."

Joke #3 - By the early 2000s, Pepsico was finding it harder and harder to find test subjects for new varieties of Mountain Dew.

Joke #4 - "Wait a minute! You're not Sarah Jessica Parker at all. You're barely even Dee Snider. Hands up, and put down that congac!"

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Anonymous said...

Joke #5 " I'm afraid you'll have to take off that cape, Reverend Sharpton..."

Mr. That'llStirThePotUpABitPants-2
(it says JOKE)

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Dear Mr. That'llStirThePotUpABitPants-2,

If you think we're putting that joke in the body text of the post, you're off your nut. Are you trying to get GO! Tower burned down?



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