1966 Interior Ideas - No, baby, no!

Hey swingers! Remember those boring old interior designs from 1960 or so? We sure do? Ugh! All those shapes that agree with each other, and those boring colors that don't look like you've suffered brain trauma. Who needs it? Since this is the swinging youth movement of 1966, we're bringing FUN into interior design because the kids are all groovy and stuff! Ah HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA AH AH AAAAaaaaaaa FUN!!!!!

 Man, like your folks are totally going to get heavy on you if they see these crazy colors, man! Good thing you'll never invite them over for any of your crazy rock music parties! Strawberry Alarm Clock! The Troggs! Different colored triangles! Green paint! Wooooo! Stay out, mom and dad!

Know what's fresh and young, young fresh people! Subversion of the uptight society or something, that's what! Like blow society's mind with these saggy zebra stripes on your wall and possibly home made rope and plywood chair object. Look out! That blue diamond has a red dot in it! Take THAT, stupid culture!

Op art, man! It makes your eyes vibrate... AND subverts society, because it doesn't take any effort or talent. What's that? Pillows in a basket? Ooooh, my medication, Barbara! My culture has been shocked!

We're the kids, and you better get ready for us to transform culture when we take over in The Seventies! It's gonna be super mind-blowy. Just you wait!


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