Little Ads - Get careered! Or huge!

Serving suggestion. Actual pedestrian may be murdered by any model car, or wearing trousers, or a man.

Serving suggestion. Beating self on head with half barbell may not result in fitness. Cash bal cod fob plant.

Serving suggestion. Training may also work on galoots, jamokes, lugs, palookas, goons, lunkheads, doofs,

and bohunks. Training untested on oaves.

Trial lesson: "Gear comprehension". Twenty minutes to complete, excluding review and testing.


Jim D. said...

Loaf, loaves. Leaf, leaves. Elf, elves. So why do I think it's oaf, oafs? English is a messed-up lang.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Aha "lang" I see what you did there. Well commented, sir!


Jim D. said...

Tip of the hat to you, sir. The other night I came in to dinner and some ultra-cool jazz was purring in the next room as we ate. "What's that great music?" I asked. "Five Corners Quintet" she said. "I heard some on your ipod, so I bought all I could find in the itunes store!"

Thanks for the good music!

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Wow! Now that is exciting. A completely unpromoted organic jazz transfer. I love the hell out of that band. I've only found the two albums. They'll have a track or two appear on compilation albums here and there, but those don't count. These guys really really need to get back in the studio soon. I need more!

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